Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions our customers often have.  
When will my order ship?
As most of our items are made to order, production times vary from item to item.  On average a good estimate would be 2-4 business days in production before an item ships, however it could take slightly faster or a few days longer.  Due to varying production times we do not offer expedited shipping options as we simply cant guarantee exact dates. 
What carrier do you ship with?
We use several different shipping carriers including USPS, UPS, and FED EX.  
Where do you ship to?
With the exception to a few countries where we only receive fraudulent orders from, we ship everywhere WORLDWIDE.  Yes, people outside Philly love Philly sports teams and also shop for our non Philly items.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay and Paypal.

Do you ship all my items together?
Our production facilities are in different places so it is very common to receive multiple shipments when you order multiple items.  If you only get part of your order the remaining items will ship separately, no worries.
Do you accept returns?
Please refer to our return page
Do you do wholesale orders?
No, however if you need a bulk order please contact us for pricing.  Bulk orders would be 14 or more pieces of a particular item.
I see the same design several places on your site, why?
All customers are different.  Some like buttery soft style tees that are more snug, others like the traditional heavy cotton roomier tees.  We try to cater to all customers by offering many styles in most of our items.  As a general rule of thumb the lower priced tees are the traditional cotton tees and the more expensive tees are the softer style tees.
Do you have any coupon codes?
From time to time we have sales and we email coupons if you subscribe to our newsletter.  We often provide coupons when you take a photo of you in our shirts.  Simply email us with pictures or post on instagram and tag us @realphillyfandom