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is the latest and greatest company started by the guys and girls over at Generationtees.com, a leader in online shopping for graphic t-shirts with popular retail store outside of Philadelphia in Ambler, PA.  For decades we have lived with Philly Sports and Philadelphia culture and ideas for t-shirts and a Philly sports t-shirt website developed. However in 2010, a memorable event gave us the idea to launch PhillyFandom.  We have developed into the leading Philly sports brand and our Philadelphia sports apparel is the best!

Philadelphia Police

The start of PhillyFandom goes back to the night of Game 4 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. After the Flyers finished the Blackhawks and some celebrating, we got in our car to leave the arena. While driving out of the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Center, (well whatever it was called at that time) a crashing sound hit the hood of our car. This thud of bricks was two t-shirt designers, 3 Philadelphia Police officers and a bag of t-shirts.

Apparently the two t-shirt salesmen were being arrested for selling counterfeit Stanley Cup Champion T-Shirts and this was taking place on our car. We were unable to go home and instead watched this entire arrest on our hood. We sat there for 20 minutes discussing the situation and we came up with the idea to sell fun Philly based fan merchandise. Our initial goal was to sell Philly sports t-shirts that were unique, that were unavailable at the large chain stores, that were for the fans. A little over a year later PhillyFandom.com was launched.  In 2016 we expanded our product offering to everyone.  We now cater to all sports fans from all cities.  Shop for cool and unique sports tees from all the major sports leagues along with defunct leagues like the USFL and WFL.

Our Products:

We know that Philadelphians and Philadelphia fans are the ultimate sports fans in the world and are entitled to the ultimate in sports t-shirts. We stock high quality Philly sports t-shirts from some of the best Philly sports t-shirt companies along with some of our own designs. We specialize in a great selection of funny Philly sports t-shirts. We also carry a selection of licensed sports t-shirts from all the major sports leagues including NFL Tees, NHL t shirts, MLB T-Shirts and more. We even carry Soccer t-shirts! If you cannot find it at PhillyFandom you can link to our licensed t-shirt catalogue and purchase licensed sports t-shirts featuring sports teams from all over the world. 

Philly Sports Fans

Are you a Fan of sports themed movies or tv shows? If so, you came to the right place. We carry a large selection of sports themed t-shirts  We carry Rocky T-Shirts, Slapshot t shirts, Friday Night Lights shirts and more. If it involves sports, both real and fictional, you will find it at PhillyFandom.   

Philly Fandom (Filly Fan - Dom)
As a longtime born and raised Philly Sports fan times have often been tough. From the good times (2008 World Series) to the bad (Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Championship game), Philly fans stand together and continue to support all 4 major Philly Teams (even the Sixers). Over the years we have built a community of loyal Philadelphia fans and sports fans in general from all over the world and we hope to continue to build this special group of fans through our Sports themed t-shirts. Feel free to send us t-shirt ideas and site suggestions.  We are always looking for great shirt ideas especially from other great sports cities.


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